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Artist names beginning with M

Master of the Small LandscapesNetherlandish
Master of the S-Series TarocchiFerrarese, active c. 1470
Master of the Starck TriptychGerman, active c. 1480 - c. 1495
Master of the Stoeger PassionGerman, active c. 1440/1470
Master of the Strasbourg ChronicleGerman, active 1480s and 1490s
Master of the Strassburg ChronicleGerman, active 1480s and 1490s
Master of the Triptych of Louis XIIFrench, active late 15th - early 16th century
Master of the UnicornFrench, 1485 - c. 1570
Master of the Unicorn-HuntNetherlandish, active c. 1450/1465
Master of the Victoria and Albert DiableriesItalian, active 16th century
Master of the Washington CoronationItalian, active first third 14th century
Master P.G.German, active c. 1550
Master PMNetherlandish, 1560 - active 1591
Master PPWGerman, active c. 1490/1510
Master PSItalian (?), active 1535/1537
Master PW of CologneGerman, active c. 1490/1510
Master R.C.Florentine, active second half 16th century
Master RGFrench (?), active 16th century
Master SFlemish, active 1505/1520
Master T.F.French, active probably 16th century
Master T.R.Italian, active second half 16th century
Master VCDFrench, 19th century
Master W with the KeyFlemish, active c. 1465/1485
Master WHGerman, active fourth quarter 15th century
Master WIGerman, active first third 16th century
Master with the BanderolesNetherlandish, active c. 1450 - active 1475
Master with the CrayfishFlemish, c. 1480 - 1552
Master with the Crossed ClubsGerman, active c. 1460
Master with the Floral FramesGerman, active c. 1450/1470

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