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Artist names beginning with M

Master of the Passion of ChristPaduan, active c. 1500
Master of the Pistorius MedalGerman, active c. 1535/1544
Master of the Playing CardsGerman, active c. 1430/1455
Master of the Prado "Adoration of the Magi"Netherlandish, active probably third quarter 15th century
Master of the Protective Saints of CologneGerman, active c. 1475
Master of the Retable of the Reyes CatolicosSpanish, active c. 1485/1500
Master of the Roman CharityPaduan, active 16th century
Master of the Saint Bartholomew AltarGerman, active c. 1475/1510
Master of the Saint Lucy LegendNetherlandish, active c. 1480 - c. 1510
Master of the Sforza Book of HoursItalian, active 1471 - 1513 or after
Master of the Small LandscapesNetherlandish
Master of the S-Series TarocchiFerrarese, active c. 1470
Master of the Starck TriptychGerman, active c. 1480 - c. 1495
Master of the Stoeger PassionGerman, active c. 1440/1470
Master of the Strasbourg ChronicleGerman, active 1480s and 1490s
Master of the Strassburg ChronicleGerman, active 1480s and 1490s
Master of the Triptych of Louis XIIFrench, active late 15th - early 16th century
Master of the UnicornFrench, 1485 - c. 1570
Master of the Unicorn-HuntNetherlandish, active c. 1450/1465
Master of the Victoria and Albert DiableriesItalian, active 16th century
Master of the Washington CoronationItalian, active first third 14th century
Master P.G.German, active c. 1550
Master PMNetherlandish, 1560 - active 1591
Master PPWGerman, active c. 1490/1510
Master PSItalian (?), active 1535/1537
Master PW of CologneGerman, active c. 1490/1510
Master R.C.Florentine, active second half 16th century
Master RGFrench (?), active 16th century
Master SFlemish, active 1505/1520

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