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image of Stem Cup image of Baluster Vase with Dragon Handles image of Vase with Ringed Neck
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1Chinese Ming Dynasty, Stem Cup, Jiajing period, 1522/1566
2Chinese Ming Dynasty, Baluster Vase with Dragon Handles, Wanli period, 1573/1620
3Chinese Qing Dynasty, Vase with Ringed Neck, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
4Chinese Qing Dynasty, Bottle Vase, Qianlong period, 1736/1795
5Chinese Qing Dynasty, Vase, called "The Flame", early 18th century
6Chinese Qing Dynasty, Bottle Vase, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
7Chinese Qing Dynasty, Covered Box for Seal Paste, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
8Chinese Qing Dynasty, Vase, early/mid 18th century
9Chinese Qing Dynasty, Vase, late 18th/early 19th century
10Chinese Qing Dynasty, Water Pot, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
11Chinese Qing Dynasty, "Beehive" Water Pot, late 19th century
12Chinese Qing Dynasty, Bowl with "Rice Grain" Decoration, probably Qianlong period, 1736/1795
13Chinese Qing Dynasty, Vase, Meiping Shape, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
14Chinese Qing Dynasty, Baluster Vase, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
15Chinese Qing Dynasty, Wine Cup, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
16Chinese Qing Dynasty, Baluster Vase, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
17Chinese Qing Dynasty, Shou Lao, the God of Longevity, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
18Chinese Qing Dynasty, Figure of a Daoist Deity, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
19Chinese Qing Dynasty, Bowl, 19th century
20Chinese Qing Dynasty, Wine Ewer, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
21Chinese Qing Dynasty, Vase, 18th century
22Chinese Qing Dynasty, Beaker Vase, mid 18th century
23Chinese Qing Dynasty, Bottle Vase, Kangxi period, 1662/1722
24Chinese Qing Dynasty, Vase in the Form of a Carp, Mounted as an Ewer, Yongzheng period, 1723/1735 (vase); c. 1730/1755 (mounts)