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Tour: Giorgione and the High Renaissance in Venice

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image of The Infant Bacchus image of The Holy Family image of The Adoration of the Shepherds
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image of Portrait of a Venetian Gentleman image of Allegory of Virtue and Vice image of Portrait of a Young Woman as a Wise Virgin
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A search for luminous color and intuitive responses to nature—a pursuit, above all, of the sensuous—occupied painters in Venice for centuries. While artists in central Italy concentrated on the more intellectual aspects of form and structure, Venetian painters, beginning with Giovanni Bellini and his students, focused their attention on the surface of things, on color and texture, even on the paint itself.



1Giovanni Bellini, The Infant Bacchus, probably 1505/1510
2Giorgione, The Holy Family, probably c. 1500
3Giorgione, The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1505/1510
4Cariani, Portrait of a Venetian Gentleman, c. 1510/1515
5Lorenzo Lotto, Allegory of Virtue and Vice, 1505
6Sebastiano del Piombo, Portrait of a Young Woman as a Wise Virgin, c. 1510
7Dosso Dossi, Aeneas and Achates on the Libyan Coast, c. 1520