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Tour: Italian Altarpieces and Religious Sculpture of the 1300s

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image of Angel with Symphonia image of Madonna and Child with Queen Sancia, Saints and Angels
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The Gothic style of the twelfth through fifteenth centuries sought to bring a vision of the heavenly paradise to earth. Architecture soared upward on thin columns, and light streamed through tall windows. The shapes of Gothic paintings and sculpture often reflect the pointed arches and steep gables of the churches they adorned.



1Bernardo Daddi, Saint Paul and a Group of Worshippers, 1333
2Agnolo Gaddi, The Coronation of the Virgin with Six Angels, c. 1390
3Agnolo Gaddi, Saint Andrew and Saint Benedict with the Archangel Gabriel [left panel], shortly before 1387
4Giovanni di Balduccio, Charity, c. 1330
5Jacopo di Cione, Madonna and Child with God the Father Blessing and Angels, c. 1370/1375
6Pisan 14th Century, The Virgin Annunciate, 1325/1350
7Possibly Pisan 14th Century, Angel with Symphonia, c. 1360
8Tino di Camaino, Madonna and Child with Queen Sancia, Saints and Angels, c. 1335