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Tour: Venice and the North

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image of A Concert image of Pietà image of Cardinal Bandinello Sauli, His Secretary, and Two Geographers
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image of Portrait of a Humanist image of Elijah Fed by the Raven image of Gian Federico Madruzzo
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Many of the works in this tour were painted by artists from northern Italy, areas in modern-day Lombardy and the Veneto that were largely under Venetian control in the sixteenth century. Only one of these painters -- Sebastiano del Piombo, who left for Rome in 1511 -- was actually born in Venice, but most of the others studied or worked there at least temporarily. In some measure, the look of Venetian painting, captured in the rich colors of Titian or the lyricism of Giorgione, remained an important influence on all of them. (continue)


1Cariani, A Concert, c. 1518-1520
2Moretto da Brescia, Pietà, 1520s
3Sebastiano del Piombo, Cardinal Bandinello Sauli, His Secretary, and Two Geographers, 1516
4Sebastiano del Piombo, Portrait of a Humanist, c. 1520
5Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo, Elijah Fed by the Raven, c. 1510
6Giovanni Battista Moroni, Gian Federico Madruzzo, c. 1560