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Tour: Fresco Cycle with the Story of Procris and Cephalus

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image of Procris' Prayer to Diana image of Cephalus Hiding the Jewels image of The Misfortunes of Cephalus
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image of The Despair of Cephalus image of Cephalus Punished at the Hunt image of Procris Pierced by Cephalus' Javelin
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These nine paintings are the only examples of an Italian Renaissance fresco series in America. Fresco (Italian for “fresh”) uses earth pigments that are painted quickly on damp plaster. As the plaster dries, the colors are chemically bonded into the wall surface. Some three centuries after these murals were created, they were removed from their original setting and mounted as panels.



1Bernardino Luini, Procris' Prayer to Diana, c. 1520/1522
2Bernardino Luini, Cephalus Hiding the Jewels, c. 1520/1522
3Bernardino Luini, The Misfortunes of Cephalus, c. 1520/1522
4Bernardino Luini, The Despair of Cephalus, c. 1520/1522
5Bernardino Luini, Cephalus Punished at the Hunt, c. 1520/1522
6Bernardino Luini, Procris Pierced by Cephalus' Javelin, c. 1520/1522
7Bernardino Luini, Cephalus and the Nymphs, c. 1520/1522
8Bernardino Luini, Cephalus and Pan at the Temple of Diana, c. 1520/1522
9Bernardino Luini, Procris and the Unicorn, c. 1520/1522