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Tour: Seventeenth-Century French Painting

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The pictures on this tour date from about 1626 to 1653. Leading French painters of the period traveled to Rome, where they were influenced by contemporary Italian artists as well as High Renaissance masters and classical antiquity. In this age of the absolute monarchs Louis XIII and Louis XIV, French tastes stressed rationality, order, and idealization rather than realism or natural life. Such discipline led to the establishment, in 1648, of a royal art academy in Paris.


1Sébastien Bourdon, The Finding of Moses, c. 1655/1660
2Sébastien Bourdon, Countess Ebba Sparre, 1652/1653
3Philippe de Champaigne, Omer Talon, 1649
4Claude Lorrain, The Judgment of Paris, 1645/1646
5Nicolas Poussin, The Assumption of the Virgin, c. 1630/1632
6Follower of Nicolas Poussin, Nymphs Feeding the Child Jupiter, c. 1650
7Nicolas Poussin, The Baptism of Christ, 1641/1642
8Simon Vouet and Studio, The Muses Urania and Calliope, c. 1634