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image of Christ among the Doctors Master of the Catholic Kings (artist)
Spanish, active c. 1485/1500
Christ among the Doctors, c. 1495/1497
oil on panel
overall (original painted surface): 136.2 x 93 cm (53 5/8 x 36 5/8 in.) overall (with addition at bottom): 155.2 x 93 cm (61 1/8 x 36 5/8 in.) framed: 183.5 x 128.9 x 12.1 cm (72 1/4 x 50 3/4 x 4 3/4 in.)
Samuel H. Kress Collection
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From the Tour: Netherlandish and Spanish Altarpieces in the Late 1400s and Early 1500s
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