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Tour: Frans Hals (Dutch, c. 1582/1583–1666)

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Frans Hals was the leading painter in seventeenth-century Haarlem, a Dutch city whose prosperity derived from brewing beer and producing luxury fabrics. Although Hals painted some scenes of daily life, he was primarily a portraitist. His large group portraits of the civic guards and the directors of charitable institutions, all of which remain in the Netherlands, are especially famous.




1Frans Hals, Portrait of an Elderly Lady, 1633
2Frans Hals, Portrait of a Member of the Haarlem Civic Guard, c. 1636/1638
3Frans Hals, Willem Coymans, 1645
4Frans Hals, Portrait of a Young Man, 1646/1648
5Frans Hals, Adriaen van Ostade, 1646/1648
6Frans Hals, Portrait of a Gentleman, 1650/1652
7Frans Hals, Portrait of a Man, 1648/1650