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Tour: Dutch Still Lifes and Landscapes of the 1600s

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image of Still Life with Fruit, Fish, and a Nest image of Workmen before an Inn
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Paintings depicting aspects of the natural world were so characteristic of the Netherlands that, during the seventeenth century, the Dutch words stilleven and landschap were adopted into English as "still life" and "landscape." Before the mid-1600s, though, the Dutch themselves usually referred to pictures by their individual subjects such as "breakfast piece" or "winter snow scene." (continue)


1Willem van Aelst, Still Life with Dead Game, 1661
2Aelbert Cuyp, The Maas at Dordrecht, c. 1650
3Aelbert Cuyp, Lady and Gentleman on Horseback, c. 1655, reworked 1660/1665
4Willem Claesz Heda, Banquet Piece with Mince Pie, 1635
5Jan Davidsz de Heem, Vase of Flowers, c. 1660
6Jan van der Heyden, An Architectural Fantasy, c. 1670
7Abraham Mignon, Still Life with Fruit, Fish, and a Nest, c. 1675
8Isack van Ostade, Workmen before an Inn, 1645