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Tour: 15th-Century Sculpture in Tuscany

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Italian sculpture of the Fifteenth century, particularly in Tuscany, departed from the elegant, decorative style of the earlier Gothic period to reflect a greater admiration for, and understanding of, the strength and structure of the human body. In this respect, Renaissance artists emulated the ideals of the ancient Greeks and Romans, even when depicting contemporary or Christian subjects.



1Jacopo della Quercia, Madonna of Humility, c. 1400
2Florentine 15th Century, Madonna and Child, c. 1425
3Florentine 15th Century, Madonna and Child, c. 1425
4Mino da Fiesole, Astorgio Manfredi, 1455
5Mino da Fiesole, Charity, 1475/1480
6Matteo Civitali, Saint Sebastian, c. 1492