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Tour: Gilbert Stuart (American, 1755-1828)

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image of Catherine Brass Yates (Mrs. Richard Yates) image of John Jay image of George Washington (Vaughan portrait)
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image of Abigail Smith Adams (Mrs. John Adams) image of John Adams
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Because he portrayed virtually all the notable men and women of the Federal period in the United States, Gilbert Stuart was declared the "Father of American Portraiture" by his contemporaries. Born in Rhode Island, the artist trained and worked in London, England, and Dublin, Ireland, from 1775 to 1793. He then returned to America with the specific intention of painting President Washington's portrait. (continue)


1Gilbert Stuart, Catherine Brass Yates (Mrs. Richard Yates), 1793/1794
2Gilbert Stuart, John Jay, 1794
3Gilbert Stuart, George Washington (Vaughan portrait), 1795
4Gilbert Stuart, Abigail Smith Adams (Mrs. John Adams), 1800/1815
5Gilbert Stuart, John Adams, c. 1800/1815