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Tour: Paul Gauguin

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image of Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven image of Self-Portrait image of Landscape at Le Pouldu
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image of Haystacks in Brittany image of Parau na te Varua ino (Words of the Devil) image of Fatata te Miti (By the Sea)
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Gauguin was a financially successful stockbroker and self-taught amateur artist when he began collecting works by the impressionists in the 1870s. Inspired by their example, he took up the study of painting under Camille Pissarro. Pissarro and Edgar Degas arranged for him to show his early painting efforts in the fourth impressionist exhibition in 1879 (as well as the annual impressionist exhibitions held through 1882). In 1882, after a stock market crash and recession rendered him unemployed and broke, Gauguin decided to abandon the business world to pursue life as an artist full-time.



1Paul Gauguin, Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 1888
2Paul Gauguin, Self-Portrait, 1889
3Paul Gauguin, Landscape at Le Pouldu, 1890
4Paul Gauguin, Haystacks in Brittany, 1890
5Paul Gauguin, Parau na te Varua ino (Words of the Devil), 1892
6Paul Gauguin, Fatata te Miti (By the Sea), 1892
7Paul Gauguin, The Bathers, 1897
8Paul Gauguin, Te Pape Nave Nave (Delectable Waters), 1898