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Tour: Mary Cassatt, Auguste Renoir

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image of The Loge image of Girl Arranging Her Hair image of The Boating Party
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Toward the end of the nineteenth century, many French painters turned their attention to scenes of modern life: Parisians enjoying themselves in the countryside, streets crowded with traffic and pedestrians, performers and habitués of the city's theaters and café-bars. For the two artists featured here, Mary Cassatt and Auguste Renoir, images from the lives of women and children, especially, provided lifelong inspiration. (continue)


1Mary Cassatt, The Loge, c. 1878-1880
2Mary Cassatt, Girl Arranging Her Hair, 1886
3Mary Cassatt, The Boating Party, 1893/1894
4Auguste Renoir, Diana, 1867
5Auguste Renoir, A Girl with a Watering Can, 1876
6Auguste Renoir, Girl with a Hoop, 1885
7Henri Fantin-Latour, Portrait of Sonia, 1890