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This program provides a brief survey of American fashions from 1740 to 1895. Most of the costumes represented are formal or "fine" garments of the kind that were preserved and handed down in families from one generation to the next. As fashion is influenced by social and political circumstances and by changes in technology, these costumes provide some insight into the character and quality of American life from colonial times into the period of the industrial revolution.


1Julie C. Brush, Dress, 1935/1942
2Melita Hofmann, Dress, 1935/1942
3Marie Alain, Woman's Shoes, c. 1939
4Dorothy Dwin, Man's Shoe, 1941
5Ruggiero Pierotti, Man's Waistcoat, c. 1942
6Florence Earl, Silk Vest, c. 1938
7Erwin Schwabe, Dress, 1935/1942
8Rex F. Bush, Corset, 1935/1942
9Virginia Berge, Dress, 1935/1942
10Julie C. Brush, House Dress, 1935/1942
11Jessie M. Benge, Comb, c. 1937
12Irene Lawson, "Poke" Bonnet, c. 1935/1942
13Ray Price, Beaded Handbag, c. 1938
14Carl Buergerniss, Parasol, c. 1941
15Frank J. Mace, Fan, 1935/1942
16Fritz Boehmer, Zoar Man's Hat, Boots and Coat, c. 1937
17Nancy Crimi, Boy's Suit, 1935/1942
18Joseph L. Boyd, Child's Dress, c. 1937
19Nancy Crimi, Girl's Coat, 1935/1942
20Nancy Crimi, Afternoon Dress, 1935/1942
21Mae Szilvasy, Hoop, 1935/1942
22Henry De Wolfe, Lace and Straw Bonnet, c. 1940
23Henry De Wolfe, Dress, c. 1940
24Nancy Crimi, Visiting Dress, 1935/1942
25Julie C. Brush, Dress, c. 1938
26Daniel Marshack, Woman's Gym Suit, 1935/1942