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From early times, children everywhere have loved dolls. This program presents a sampling of different types of dolls, many of them old, rare, or beautiful, which are cherished by collectors or exhibited in museums in the United States. The history of dolls may begin in prehistoric times with idols and ancestor images. It has been conjectured that, once the symbolic or religious role of figurines lost significance, they became toys for children. It is known that toy dolls as such existed in ancient Egypt and Greece, where examples have been found in archaeological excavations.


1Josephine C. Romano and Edith Towner, Doll: "Mollie Bentley", 1936
2Jane Iverson, Doll, c. 1936
3Vera Van Voris, Rag Doll "Johnnie", c. 1937
4Jane Iverson, Corn Husk Doll, c. 1936
5Jacob Gielens, Nut Head Doll, c. 1938
6Jane Iverson, American Dolls, c. 1936
7Bertha Semple, Doll, c. 1937
8Jane Iverson, Dolls (Apache Women), 1935/1942
9George File, Frontiersman Doll, c. 1937
10Mina Lowry, Doll, c. 1936
11Mina Lowry, Doll, c. 1936
12Rex F. Bush, Doll--"General Grant", c. 1937
13Edith Towner, Doll of Bisque, c. 1937
14Anne Colman, Doll--"Cornelia", c. 1937
15Mary D. Porter, Doll with China Head, 1935/1942
16Beverly Chichester, Doll in Plaid Dress, c. 1937
17Charlotte Angus, Quaker Costume Doll, 1935/1942
18Mina Lowry, Peddler Doll, c. 1936
19Edith Towner, Doll--"Hannah Hitch", c. 1940
20Eugene Croe, Doll--"Betsy", c. 1937
21Elmer R. Kottcamp, Doll, c. 1940
22Renee A. Monfalcone, Doll--"Nina", 1935/1942
23Lillian Causey, Doll in Blue Dress, 1935/1942
24Edith Towner, Doll--"Belle Hervey", c. 1937
25Mina Lowry, Doll on Velocipede, c. 1936
26Beverly Chichester, Walking Doll, c. 1938