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During the early history of the southwestern United States, a folk art developed that was dependent on two major sources: Old World Spanish tradition and native Indian sensibilities. The areas that comprised what can be called the "Spanish Southwest" were California and New Mexico. By 1610, Santa Fe, New Mexico, was the capital of an area that encompassed most of the southwest region other than California. It was not until the middle of the eighteenth century, however, that Spain took decisive action in occupying the area that is now California. There are three broad historical periods related to the Spanish Southwest: the Spanish period until Mexican Independence in 1821; the period of the Mexican Republic from 1823 to 1846; and the American period beginning in 1848 when Mexico ceded these territories to the United States.


1Randolph F. Miller, Wall and Ceiling Decorations, and Holy Water Font; Restoration Drawing, 1936
2Edward Jewett, Wall Painting, c. 1940
3Geoffrey Holt, Restoration Drawing: Wall Decoration Over Doorway, Facade of Mission-House, c. 1937
4William Kieckhofel, Iron Grille, 1941
5Raymond E. Noble, Water Spout, Sandstone, 1939
6Raymond E. Noble, Water Spout, 1939
7Maude Valle, Santo, 1936
8E. Boyd, Panel from Altar Piece of San Antonio, c. 1936
9Margery Parish, Santo (St. Michael), c. 1939
10Carl O'Bergh, Retablo, c. 1939
11E. Boyd, Retabla of the Trinity, c. 1936
12Ranka S. Woods, Santo, c. 1937
13Carl O'Bergh, Bulto (St. Ignatius), c. 1938
14Polly Duncan, Nuestra Senora, 1938
15Agnes Sims, Bulto of Santiago, 1955
16Eldora P. Lorenzini, Bulto, 1938
17Hal Blakeley, Chair (Arm), 1941
18Majel G. Claflin, "Casa en Mesita" or Chest on Stand, c. 1939
19E. Boyd, Chest of Native Pine Painted in Oil, 1935/1942
20Gordena Jackson, Indian Basket, 1935/1942
21Ethel Dougan, Saddle Blanket, c. 1930
22Syrena Swanson, Ecclesiastical Vestment (front view), c. 1940
23Syrena Swanson, Ecclesiastical Vestment (back view), c. 1940
24Rose Campbell-Gerke, Saddle, 1935/1942
25Rose Campbell-Gerke, Inlaid Spur, c. 1937