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This program illustrates the major styles of fine American furniture from about 1650 to about 1850. During this time, American furniture styles followed English fashions, though there was often a time lag between design developments in English and their appearance in America. In general, American furniture differed from English prototypes in that American furniture was simpler in both form and decoration.


1Harold Merriam, Tulip and Sunflower Chest, 1936
2Leo Drozdoff, Wainscot Armchair, c. 1939
3Anne Ger, Carver Armchair, 1936
4Isadore Goldberg, Armchair, 1941
5Louis Plogsted, Windsor Chair, c. 1939
6Isadore Goldberg, Trestle Table, c. 1939
7Amos C. Brinton, Gateleg Table, 1939
8Louis Annino, Table, c. 1937
9M. Rosenshield-von-Paulin, Highboy, 1940
10Leonard Battee, Highboy, c. 1939
11Leslie Macklem, Queen Anne Mirror, c. 1939
12Charles Squires, Side Chair, c. 1937
13Bernard Gussow, Chair, 1935/1942
14Frank Wenger, Table, c. 1937
15Francis Borelli, Highboy, c. 1938
16Isadore Goldberg, Lowboy, c. 1938
17Harry Eisman, Block-front Desk, c. 1937
18Louis Annino, Side Chair, c. 1937
19Ferdinand Cartier, Chest of Drawers, c. 1939
20Ferdinand Cartier, Card Table, 1940
21Rolland Livingstone, Sewing Table, 1941
22Michael Trekur, Side Chair, 1936
23Ferdinand Cartier, Sofa, 1942
24Charles Henning, Settee--Sheraton Style, c. 1939
25Frank Wenger, Side Chair, c. 1937
26Nicholas Gorid, Sofa, 1936