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Tour: Metalwork from the Index of American Design

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This program presents selected examples of metalwork created in America between the early eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. Produced by skilled craftsmen working in iron, tin, copper, brass, pewter, and silver, American metalwork ranges from the simple forms associated with folk tradition to the more sophisticated styles of a fine craft. Most of the objects you find here were created for the home. They exemplify the skill and artistry the American metalworker brought to his craft.


1Franklyn Syres, Door Latch, 1935/1942
2American 20th Century, Stove Plate, c. 1942
3Isidore Danziger, Andiron, c. 1942
4Pearl Torell, Cast Iron Fence, c. 1939
5Franklyn Syres, Cookie Cutter, 1935/1942
6David S. De Vault, Tole Candle Wall Bracket, c. 1940
7Carl Strehlau, Tin Coffee Pot, 1935/1942
8John H. Tercuzzi, Toleware Box, 1935/1942
9Samuel W. Ford, Copper Kettle, c. 1939
10V.L. Vance, Bed Warming Pan, c. 1941
11Albert Levone, Patch Boxes of Kentucky Rifles, c. 1937
12Lucille Chabot, Gabriel Weather Vane, c. 1939
13Beverly Chichester, Weather Vane: Model Fire Engine, c. 1937
14Archie Thompson, Pewter Flagon, 1935/1942
15Frank McEntee, Coffee Pot, 1935/1942
16Palmyra Pimentel, Silver Spout Cup, c. 1938
17Michael Fenga, Silver Teapot, c. 1938