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Tour: Pottery from the Index of American Design

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Pottery making was among the earliest of American crafts. Everything needed for the production of pottery was present in America -- clay, abundant wood for firing kilns, and capable craftsmen. This program provides a discussion of examples selected from among the watercolor renderings in the Index of American Design; the images are intended to illustrate the great variety of pottery made in America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


1John Matulis, Covered Jar, 1939
2Hedwig Emanuel, Jar with Cover, c. 1936
3Alfred Parys, Pie Plate, c. 1939
4Eugene Shellady, Pennsylvania German Dish, c. 1938
5Yolande Delasser, Pennsylvania German Puzzle Jug, c. 1938
6Elmer G. Anderson, Pennsylvania German Pie Plate, 1935/1942
7Giacinto Capelli, Jug, 1941
8George Loughridge, Jug, c. 1938
9John Tarantino, Milk Pan, probably 1940
10Nicholas Amantea, Jar, c. 1938
11John Tarantino, Churn, probably 1938
12John Cutting, Toby Mug Set (2 pieces), c. 1936
13Samuel W. Ford, Pitcher, 1935/1942
14Yolande Delasser, Inhaler, c. 1939
15Roy Williams, Soap Dish and Strainer, c. 1937
16Al Curry, Wine Bottle, c. 1938
17Marian Curtis Foster, Ceramic Dog, c. 1936