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image of Toy Bell Cart Toy Bell Cart
Rendered by Stanley Chin (artist), c. 1941
watercolor and graphite on paperboard
overall: 28.9 x 36.1 cm (11 3/8 x 14 3/16 in.) Original IAD Object: 7" long; 2" wide; 3 1/2" in diameter
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Toy makers did not ignore children's appreciation of sound. Many toys incorporated a sound device of some sort, and in certain cases even musical notes were played. Toys like this bell cart of about 1860 were a special delight for children. Such objects, made from metal, combined sound with the old pull toy system of motion. In this case, a cast iron clapper strikes inside the bell as the toy is pulled along by a string. The cart consists of two cast zinc wheels with pierced designs of repeated heart shapes; the bell between is attached to the round iron axle. The bell is fashioned in two halves, of nickel-plated brass. The horse is die stamped from two pieces of tinned sheet iron and soldered together. Traces of paint indicate the horse was originally painted black and decorated with touches of oil color.

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