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American toys were originally made in the home, but by 1750, artisans who specialized in making toys were established in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston, and other cities. From the 1830s onward, commercial mass production of toys was a flourishing industry in the United States.


1Mina Lowry, Rocking Horse, c. 1940
2Mina Lowry, Rocking Horse, c. 1941
3Mina Lowry, Toy Horse, c. 1937
4Michael Fallon, Toy Streetcar, c. 1942
5Frank Budash, Dachshund, 1935/1942
6Betty Jean Davis, Handcarved Toy, c. 1939
7Ben Lassen, Noah's Ark and Animals, 1935/1942
8Eugene Bartz, Miniature Oxcart, c. 1939
9Alice Stearns, Toy Locomotive, c. 1936
10Frances Lichten, Toy Warship, 1935/1942
11William Pollman, Model of a Side-Wheeler, 1935/1942
12Charles Henning, Toy Locomotive, c. 1940
13Henry Granet, Toy Milk Wagon, c. 1937
14Charles Henning, Toy Fire Engine, c. 1942
15Philip Johnson and Mildred Ford, Toy Kitchen, 1935/1942
16Isidore Danziger, Mechanical Toy, c. 1937
17Stanley Chin, Toy Bell Cart, c. 1941
18Mina Lowry, Man with Cello, 1935/1942
19Frank McEntee, Squeak Toy Kitten, c. 1938
20Pearl Torell, Toy Bank: "Teddy and the Bear", 1935/1942
21William O. Fletcher, Toy Bank: Frog, c. 1938
22Edward Strzalkowski, Puppet: "Punch", c. 1937
23Hilda Olson, Puppet: Bull, c. 1940
24Eugene Croe, Doll Buggy, c. 1937
25Beverly Chichester, Doll Sleigh, c. 1937
26Wayne White, Sled, c. 1940