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This program presents a selection of renderings of American woodcarvings, primarily of the nineteenth century. The selection is organized into five groups that are typical of this craft. These categories, though by no means all-inclusive, are ship carvings, shop figures and trade signs, circus and carousel carvings, weather vanes and whirligigs, and dolls and birds. Nineteenth century American woodcarving is part of our folk tradition. Even though some carvings reflect other sources, they are still American -- an expression of the time and place from which they came and of the craftsmen who produced them.


1American 20th Century, Figurehead, 1935/1942
2American 20th Century, Figurehead from "Bartholomew Gosnold", 1935/1942
3Jerome Hoxie, Figurehead, 1938
4Hazel Hyde, Billethead from Ship "Favorite", c. 1938
5American 20th Century, Sternpiece, 1935/1942
6Henry Tomaszewski, Cigar Store Indian, 1938
7Elizabeth Johnson, Cigar Store Figure, c. 1942
8Albert Ryder, Cigar Store Figure: Ball Player, c. 1939
9Robert Pohle, Shop Sign, c. 1939
10Laura Bilodeau, Butcher's Shop Sign, c. 1939
11Robert Pohle, "Sheaf of Wheat" Shop Sign, 1935/1942
12Frank M. Keane, Circus Wagon, c. 1938
13Howard Weld, Circus Wagon Lion, c. 1937
14Robert Pohle, Carousel Calliope Figure, c. 1939
15Henry Murphy, Carousel Horse, c. 1939
16Donald Donovan, Carousel Goat, c. 1938
17Henry Tomaszewski, Carousel Pig, c. 1939
18Lloyd Broome, Horse Weather Vane, probably 1938
19Albert Ryder, Fish Weather Vane, c. 1938
20John Davis, Weather Vane, c. 1937
21Frances Cohen, "Sailor Jack" Whirligig, 1939
22John Tarantino, Wooden Doll, c. 1939
23Max Fernekes, Duck Decoy, 1937
24American 20th Century, Dove Decoy, 1935/1942
25Henry Murphy, Golden Eagle Gatepost, c. 1938
26Marian Page, Rooster Woodcarving, c. 1940