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left in graphite: INDUSTRY & CONTENTMENT / HEALTH HAPPINESS / BY FAMILY Union blessings come / Then fill the goblet to the brim, / With water pure and bright, / With water free and sparkling clear, / It gives a better light. / Then ruby wine or rich champagne / And comes from Heaven above / It is the beverage made by Him / Who rules by deeds of love.; center in graphite: FROM THE FOUNTAINS OF TEMPERANCE FLOW MANY BLESSINGS / HOLY BIBLE / STUDY GODS WORD FOR SALVATI [sic] / FAMILY PLEDGE / Believing that the use of Intoxicating Liquors as a / beverage, destroys health, promotes vice & is Contrary to the Word of God we hereby agree / that by God's assistance we will abstain from the use of all INTOXICATING LIQUORS as a / beverage & from the use of TOBACCO & PROFANE LANGUAGE & will not manufacture or traffic in LIQUORS / or TOBACCO & that we will discontenance such manufacture, traffic & use by others. / PARENTS. / CHILDREN. / CHILDREN.; right in graphite: HONESTY, FRUGALITY / PLEDGE / FILIAL-PIETY. RELIGION; lower right in graphite: J.E. Baker del


Bessie Potter Vonnoh Keyes, New York, NY; bequest to the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 1955; acquired 2015 by the National Gallery of Art