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upper left: It seems what I must do to give / credence to my vision for these spectral / drawings is to give them or rather limit / them to the formats that art sophist [sic] understand / as art. So here I must provide clear resolution / as a painting. / T[not deciphered]p; upper center in graphite: South #1 / "South - refers to the direction the painting faces.; upper right in graphite: The Cynic alone can be the true lover of beauty / because beauty is so rare and beauty can not / be loved for its own sake but rather because, / like justice, it is so rare.; center left in graphite: use light reflective / paint to create / an emorphuse [sic]; lower right in purple colored pencil: wall / area on / which / painting to / be projected / small baffle / system used to limit / the projection to area / of painting; lower left in graphite: white on white, / with areas that, / Delineate the painting / shape and other patterns / with white scotch / light or light / reflective paint.; lower right in graphite: This would of course be a painting altered / and created by the sun + gratings. It would / shifts [sic] as the sun. In terms of art this means / only that I must make what is present at every / stage a good painting. / Rockne Krebs / 18 June 73


the artist, Washington, DC; Daniel and Barbara Fendrick, Chevy Chase, MD; gift to the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 1980; acquired 2015 by the National Gallery of Art