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upper left in pen and black ink: III Vertical View / of the Lapis / from above; upper right in pen and black in: Meieval Image / of the world-view; center right in pen and black ink: The Point would be / the center if one saw / the whole image as a / circle. Also one would / have to be suspended / or above the image / 1/2 of the vertical / would be out of view / and it would activate / an unknown depth (hell) / from this image / could we conclude that everything 'unknown' would be in / the depth of feeling?; lower left in pen and black ink: In order to transcribe an / inner image of a complete / circle in 2 dimensions one / must be above the picture. / This is so because one sees / the picture in depth. But / what happens to a vertical / perception of the Lapis with / horizontal? Only a separation / of the space of the heavens.; lower center in pen and red ink: 1/2 of the vertical / is off-center / when seen from / above; lower right in pen and black ink: I. Rice Pereria / December 24 1954


the artist, New York, NY; gift to the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 1968; acquired 2015 by the National Gallery of Art