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lower left on the stylobate, with an umlaut above the V and a dot above each I: SIMON VOVET / PINXIT.1633.


Listed 1644 in the will of Claude Bordier [d. 1644], wife of Etienne Lybault [d. 1641], to be given to the first of her four daughters who decided to become a nun, as payment to the convent she entered.[1] Acquired 1840 in Genoa by Eugène-Alexandre de Montmorency [1773-1851], 4th duc de Laval, Borgo Cornalese, near Turin;[2] by inheritance to his second wife’s brother, Rodolphe de Maistre [1789-1866], Borgo Cornalese; by inheritance to his son, Eugène de Maistre [1834-1908], Borgo Cornalese;[3] by descent in the De Maistre family; purchased 2014 by (Didier Aaron, Inc., Paris, London, and New York); purchased 26 May 2016 by NGA.