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English sculptors in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries made extensive use of alabaster, a stone readily available in the British Isles, which they enlivened with polychromy. Much religious sculpture was destroyed in England and elsewhere in iconoclastic attacks that accompanied the Protestant Reformation. This statuary group, fully carved both in front and back, is therefore a great rarity. Its survival no doubt owes much to the fact that it was preserved, from an unknown early date until after 1880, at the Dominican convent of San Juan at Quejana in the province of Alava, Spain.

The sculptor has designed a saint who seems to tower over his elegantly curving horse as he plunges a lance (now mostly destroyed) into the resisting dragon. These figures are united in a wonderfully compact composition, with a graceful silhouette that survives in spite of important losses like the head of the rescued princess, who holds the dragon by a leash made from her belt. Noteworthy is the sculptor's decision to carve the figures with large, smooth surfaces, leaving the textures of chain mail, horse hair on the mane, and scales on the dragon to be applied in paint.


Church of the Dominican convent of San Juan, Quejana (province of Alava, Spain), before c. 1730; tomb chapel of the Ayala family (tower chapel of La Virgen del Cabello), convent of San Juan, Quejana, c. 1730-after 1880.[1] Benoit Oppenheim [1842-1931], Berlin, before 1911-1920 or after;[2] Lionel Harris [d. 1943], Spanish Art Gallery, London, in or before 1925.[3] (Goldschmidt Galleries, New York);[4] sold 1925 to Otto H. Kahn [1867-1934], New York;[5] Mrs. Otto H. Kahn [d. 1949], New York;[6] Mogmar Art Foundation, New York, by 1940;[7] (Duveen Brothers, Inc., London, New York, and Paris), by 1942;[8] purchased 1944 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York;[9] gift 1953 to NGA.

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