lower right: HOMER / 1873; upper right, scratched into paint and then overpainted: Homer 1873


Nellie C.M. Taylor [Mrs. George H. Taylor], Boston, in 1919.[1] (E. & A. Milch, Inc., New York); sold 1919 to Gilbert E. Rubens [1884-1960], New York; (E. & A. Milch, Inc., New York); sold 22 November 1935 to Thomas Edward Hanley [1895-1969], Bradford, Pennsylvania;[2] by inheritance to his wife, Tullah Innes Hanley, Bradford, Pennsylvania;[3] (E. V. Thaw & Co., New York); sold 14 August 1970 to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon, Upperville, Virginia; gift 1985 to NGA.

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Technical Summary

The primary support is a very fine, closely woven fabric that has been lined but has cusping along the left edge. The double-layered ground consists of an off-white layer beneath an opaque gray-colored one that is allowed to show through parts of the finished painting and forms the body color of the dress. The paint surface is composed of multiple layers applied wet-into-wet and wet-over-dry with brushes and palette knife to create a smoothly textured surface with areas of impasto. The sky was laid in two layers, the second partially obscuring an earlier signature. The painting is in very good condition, despite small areas of paint wrinkling, especially in the sky. The varnish has not discolored.