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lower center: T. Cole / 1826

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Commissioned 1826 by Robert Gilmor, Jr. [1774-1848], Baltimore;[1] his estate; (sale, Leonard & Cunningham, Boston, 24 April 1850, no. 39).[2] Robert Hall, Hamden, Connecticut, until 1968;[3] (Kennedy Galleries, New York); purchased 1968 by Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, III, New York; gift 1989 to NGA.

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Technical Summary

The support is a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric that has been lined. Over a thin reddish\rbrown ground, the paint was applied in fairly thin \rlayers. In several areas, notably the sky and the background\rmountains, the ground shows through, contributing to the tonality. Areas of moderate impasto \rinclude the highlights of the trees and rocks and the \rbrightly lit clouds in the sky. The overall paint surface is \rslightly abraded, especially in the sky, and the light colors have become more transparent with age, allowing the \rdark ground to show more prominently than was originally intended. Discolored varnish was removed and the \rpainting was restored in 1990.