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lower right in plate: JTA 42 BOVING, BUCKS / TO F.[ederick] L.[Landseer] M.[Mau] G.[riggs]; across bottom in graphite: Sketch, Boving, Bucks-To F.L.M.G. - Impression from de monstration plate drawn, / etched, and printed, in 2 hrs./5 mins. at the Princeton Print Club, 40 Mer cer St., Princeton, / N.J. Nov. 9, 1942 / To Kneeland McNulty (Curator of Prints and Drawings, Philadelphia Museum of Art), with my compliments / John Taylor Arms, 1942

Bassham, Ben L. John Taylor Arms American Etcher. Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison: 1975.
William Dolan Fletcher. John Taylor Arms, A Man for All Time. New Haven: Eastern Press, 1982.