David, Gerard
Netherlandish, c. 1460 - 1523

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Gerard David was born c. 1460 in Oudewater, near Gouda. In January 1484 he was admitted as a master to the painters' guild in Bruges. He was an officer (Vinder) in the guild in the years 1487-1488, 1495-1496, and 1497-1498; in 1501 he was dean of the guild. It is generally accepted that David was a member of the Antwerp guild in 1515, though the duration and purpose of his membership are not known. Many of his paintings can be dated, and several drawings have been attributed to him with a reasonable degree of certainty. Illuminated manuscripts of the Bruges-Ghent School show the influence of David's style and compositions, but it is still a matter of conjecture whether David actually engaged in manuscript illustration. He died in Bruges on 13 August 1523. [This is an edited version of the artist's biography published, or to be published, in the NGA Systematic Catalogue]


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