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Late at Night — Voices of Ordinary Madness followed by Silence Radio

August 24 at 4:00
West Building Lecture Hall

A playful but satirical assessment of British society posing as a television program, Late at Night — Voices of Ordinary Madness features a female newscaster who conducts live interviews with non-traditional TV types: street-gang members, drug dealers, recent immigrants, even rich bankers. The program’s “street footage” is concentrated in London’s East End, a traditionally multiethnic neighborhood that has recently seen an influx of commercial interests. (Xiaolu Guo, 2013, 70 minutes)

In a provincial French village where the tempo is easy and the routines are rhythmic, the popular local radio station serves to bolster the spirit and soothe the mind. Focusing on the role of broadcasting in the daily life of a rural region, Silence Radio paints a many-sided portrait of a complex present-day culture far beyond the urban centers of France. (Valéry Rosier, 2013, French with subtitles, 52 minutes)

courtesy Xiaolu Guo


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