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Dunhuang Projected
Ciné-concert: The Cave of the Silken Web

November 12 at 1:00
East Building Auditorium

Andrew Simpson, pianist

One of only a few films from China’s cinematic Golden Age of the 1920s and 1930s known to have survived the Cultural Revolution, The Cave of the Silken Web was the earliest film adaptation of the famous Chinese novel A Journey to the West (attributed to Wu Cheng’en). Restored by the National Library of Norway, where an incomplete 35mm print was discovered in 2011, this supernatural adventure tale dramatizes one of the novel’s climactic sections in which the naive monk Xuanzang and his gluttonous pal Pigsy travel to the exotic land of India, where they encounter beautiful women who turn out to be cave-dwelling spider demons with a taste for human flesh. (Dan Duyu, 1927, DCP, subtitles, 60 minutes)

courtesy National Library of Norway

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