Film Programs
Artists, Amateurs, Alternative Spaces: Experimental Cinema in Eastern Europe, 1960–1990
Balázs Béla Studio (Budapest)

May 3 at 3:30
East Building Auditorium
Illustrated lecture by Sonja Simonyi

Established in 1959, the Balázs Béla Studio is known for producing films by such directors as István Szabó and Béla Tarr. Much less known is the Studio’s support from the early 1960s and throughout the 1970s of experimental films ranging from cinéma vérité documentaries to structuralist and abstract works made not only by professional filmmakers, but also by artists, writers, and sociologists. Comprising four short films, this program explores the high points of BBS’s experimental output, with two films that highlight the work of pioneering director Gábor Bódy. (Total running time 110 minutes)

Four Bagatelles (Film Language Series)
Gábor Bódy, 1975
courtesy MaNDA Archive


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