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Special Events: Fall 2016
International Festival of Films on Art — I

November 25 at noon
East Building Auditorium

The International Festival of Films on Art is an annual event held in Montreal each March featuring dozens of new films on dance, painting, architecture, cinema, and other art forms. The festival is now celebrating its thirty-fifth year. This first of two events features four films from the most recent festival. Soundhunters — A Musical Expedition playfully engages with musicians who view all manmade objects as never-ending sources of music (Béryl Koltz, 2015, subtitles, 52 minutes); in One Million Steps,  a spirited young tap dancer lands in the middle of a social protest in Istanbul (Eva Stotz, 2015, 20 minutes); Viva Dada celebrates the centennial of the provocative aesthetic movement that transformed the art of the twentieth century while following the production of Tristan Tzara’s unfinished Dadaglobe (Régine Abadia, 2015, 52 minutes); The Collection That Did Not Exist examines Herman Daled’s iconic conceptual art collection and its acquisition by the Museum of Modern Art (Joachim Olender, 2014, subtitles, 93 minutes). (Total running time 217 minutes with intermission)

still from Soundhunters — A Musical Expedition
courtesy Béryl Koltz

Film Program

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