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November 20 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Introduced by Pavla Veličkinová

Olga Havlová, the famously forthright first lady of the postcommunist Czech Republic, was a rebel who played a major role on world stages during her husband Václav Havel’s years of imprisonment, and then later, when Havel became the country’s first president. Olga, a unique portrait of this charismatic and wise woman by renowned Czech director Miroslav Janek, is assembled from previously unknown footage, photos, and stories, revealing Olga as a sharp observer, principled dissident, generous host, and down-to-earth woman who despised pomp and always said what she thought. (Miroslav Janek, 2014, DCP, subtitles, 87 minutes) Presented through the cooperation of the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

courtesy Miroslav Janek

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