Film Programs
Special Events: Summer 2014
In the Shadow of the Light

August 3 at 4:00
West Building Lecture Hall

One of the only film portraits of Lithuania-born, avant-garde luminary and Anthology Film Archives’ founder Jonas Mekas (b. 1922) is Chris Teerink’s Dutch documentary. “Documentary . . . it’s when somebody makes a film on a certain subject with the intention of revealing. It is the kind of film I hate,” declares Mekas. It’s clear, though, as he rambles around the Anthology’s treasures, holds court with colleagues, and ponders the work that has been his calling, the recording of Mekas’ life is a labor of love for the filmmakers and their subject alike. (Chris Teerink and Sarah Payton, 2007, 90 minutes)

courtesy Chris Teerink and Sarah Payton


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