Preventive Conservation


The objective of preventive conservation is to stop environmental degradation and destruction of artwork before it occurs. Conservators who work in preventive conservation have a unique skill set and specialized knowledge of complex environmental conditions, including the monitoring and control of many elements (light, temperature, humidity) and pest management. Exhibition and loan conservators provide expertise that ensures all art, whether during transport, installation, or display, is handled in a conscientious manner.



Effects of Light Exposure

Light is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum to which the eye is sensitive. Its presence is essential for the most rewarding perception of almost all art. Yet exposure to light can result in cumulative and permanent damage to light-sensitive objects.

Temperature and Relative Humidity

Most organic materials absorb and release moisture as the humidity within its surrounding environment increases and decreases. This fluctuation of moisture can accelerate the degradation of objects sensitive to humidity. Potential problems from extreme variations in temperature and relative humidity include biological, chemical, and mechanical deterioration. Click on the image to view the complete article.

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