3-d Twirler

Using 3-D TWIRLER, make a symmertical shape and give it a twirl. Create the outline of a shape and rotate it on an x, y, or z axis, then spin it around to see it from all angles. Bring it closer to you and then push it away. Cover the shape you've made with a pattern skin and notice how the lines and shadows change. Now try to draw the same object with a pencil on paper. How can you make it seem solid and round? Learn how artists make some of the same shapes without a computer.

For full compatibility, Mac users should download the desktop application. A CD version of 3-D Twirler will be available soon.


NGAkids interactives require Adobe's Shockwave Player. Macintosh web browsers are not 100% compatible with the online version of this program. Please download the Mac app below or request a free CD.

Download to your Macintosh

Due to recent changes in OS X, the NGAkids online  programs that include freehand painting and drawing no longer work with recent Macs. The desktop application we are offering below does not require a web browser or plug-ins and it's fully compatible.

Mac users, please download the desktop program.

NGAkids on CD

Visit Learning Resources to register and request NGAkids CDs. Currently there are eight interactive discs available. A second Art Zone disc with eight more interactives will be published later this year.


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