NGAkids Interactives on CD


We are happy to announce the publication of eight interactive CDS that offer offline access to some of the most popular art activities on the NGAkids website. The applications are Mac OSX and Windows compatible. No internet connection is required and the programs are not browser-dependent. Simply drag the appropriate (Mac or PC) folder to your computer's hard drive and click "Start" to launch the application. If you are planning to use the full set of activities, order the Art Zone CD, which simplifies installation and a unified menu offering access to all eight programs simultaneously.

A second combo disc, NGAkids Art Zone 1.0: The Early Years, has just been published. Interactive activities on the second CD include: 3-D Twirler, Collage Machine, Cubits, Flow, Mobile, Paintbox/Swatchbox, Pixelface, and Wallovers. This disc contains simpler art activities and an easy-to-use interface suitable for grades K-6.

Visit the NGA LEARNING RESOURCES portal to request the NGAkids CDs. The service is free, but registration is required.



Visit Learning Resources to register and request NGAkids CDs.

NGAkids for iPad

NGAkids for iPad
Learn more about NGAkids for iPad, which is now available for download on the App Store. This program contains nine new interactive activities and an array of art-making tools that will inspire artists of all ages.


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