Kindergarten–Grade 3

Art Investigators

As "art investigators," students will look for clues, explore artists' choices, and use their imaginations to learn about paintings and sculptures. This tour will introduce students to the museum and show them how to look closely at works of art.

Faces and Places

Explore portraits, landscapes, and genre scenes, and learn about people and places from the past. Students will be encouraged to form their own interpretations using evidence from the works of art.

Nature in Art

If you could step into a landscape, what would you hear or feel? This tour explores how artists depict the natural world and invites students to use their imaginations while carefully exploring art and nature.

Every Picture Tells a Story
(Grade 3 and up)

Paintings are more than just pictures in a frame—they are unfolding stories with multiple perspectives. During this tour, students will learn to "read" works of art by identifying characters, setting, and plot, and by creating dialogue.

Schedule a Tour

We are no longer accepting tour requests for spring tours. We will begin accepting tour requests for fall tours (September 29–December 5, 2014) on August 4, 2014.

Pre-Visit Information

Watch a video or download a presentation (PPT, 4MB) to show your students prior to their visit. Review our museum policies, location, parking, accessibility, security, lunch options, and other important visitor information.


Our tour scheduler, Jennifer Cross, is available to answer questions Monday through Wednesday between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. (September through May). Please contact her at (202) 842-6249 or

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions about School Tours.


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