Italian Renaissance Architecture: Brunelleschi, Sangallo, Michelangelo

The Cathedrals of Florence and Pavia and Saint Peter's, Rome

December 18, 1994 – April 16, 1995

West Building Main Floor, West Garden Court


Overview: 14 original architectural models surviving from the Italian Renaissance were shown together with 67 related paintings, drawings, prints, manuscripts, and medals gathered from museums in Europe and the United States. The exhibition included the largest extant Renaissance model, Francesco da Sangallo's design for Saint Peter's in Rome. The exhibition was a modified version of the show presented earlier at the Palazzo Grassi, Venice.

Organization: The exhibition at the National Gallery of Art was organized in collaboration with the Palazzo Grassi and Fiat. Henry A. Millon, dean of the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (CASVA) at the National Gallery, was curator of the exhibition.

Sponsor: The presentation in Washington was made possible by the National Gallery's Fund for the International Exchange of Art and an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Alitalia Cargo System was the official carrier for the exhibition.

Image: Fra Carnevale, The Annunciation, c. 1445/1450, tempera on panel, Samuel H. Kress Collection, 1939.1.218

Attendance: 387,892

Catalog: The Renaissance from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo: The Representation of Architecture, edited by Henry A. Millon and Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani. Milan: Bompiani, 1994.

Brochure: Italian Renaissance Architecture: Brunelleschi, Sangallo, Michelangelo--The Cathedrals of Florence and Pavia and Saint Peter's, Rome. Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art, 1994.

Other Venues: Palazzo Grassi, Venice, April 1–November 6, 1994
Musée national des monuments français, Paris, April 25–July 31, 1995
Neue Berliner Galerie, Altes Museum, Berlin, October 6, 1995–January 7, 1996