Our publishing program balances an allegiance to the art and craft of the printed book with a commitment to the utility and accessibility of digital and online formats.

The Memory of Time: Contemporary Photographs at the National Gallery of Art

The Memory of Time explores the work of 26 contemporary artists from across the world  who investigate the richness and complexity of photography’s relationship to time, memory, and history.

Drawing in Silver and Gold: Leonardo to Jasper Johns

From the Middle Ages to the present, master draftsmen have used metalpoint to create some of the most beautiful and technically accomplished drawings in the history of art. This history of metalpoint reveals patterns of use and offers a striking demonstration of the medium’s range and versatility.

Captain Linnaeus Tripe: Photographer of India and Burma, 1854 – 1860

British photographer Captain Linnaeus Tripe's large-format photographs of India and Burma were among the first to document sacred sites of great cultural, architectural, and archeological importance in areas that were inaccessible to most Western travelers.

Piero di Cosimo: The Poetry of Painting in Renaissance Florence

A contemporary of Botticelli, Leonardo, and Michelangelo, Piero di Cosimo demonstrated uncommon imagination, his fantastic inventions transformed ancient myth and allegory into a language all his own. With creative license, he concocted elaborate fables that continue to beguile.

National Gallery of Art Online Editions

Presenting the most current, in-depth information on the Gallery’s collections of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts along with rich capabilities for exploring the art, NGA Online Editions launched with Dutch Paintings of the Seventeenth Century.

Intimate Impressionism

Made for personal enjoyment and to live with at home, the intimately scaled French impressionist and post-impressionist works collected by Paul Mellon and Ailsa Mellon Bruce are among the most beloved paintings in the Gallery’s collection.


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