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The Mark J. Millard Architectural Collection, Volume III: Northern European Book, Sixteenth to Early Nineteenth Centuries

Introductory essay by Harry Francis Mallgrave and bibliographic descriptions by Gerald Beasley, Claire Baines, and Henry Raine
Published 1998
428 pages

This third volume in a series documenting the architectural collection of Mark J. Millard includes those books not covered by the volumes on French, British, Italian, and Spanish books. German books account for more than half of this part of the collection. To these are added a significant number of Dutch titles and a few from farther afield, including some superb examples from Vienna, Basel, Prague, and Stockholm. Altogether more than 140 illustrated books, in five languages, offer a fine perspective on northern European architectural styles from the Renaissance through the baroque and into the neoclassical period. This volume includes an introduction to Northern European architecture followed by entries listed alphabetically by author. Each entry contains details about the number and types of illustrations, names of artistic designers and engravers, material and decoration of each volume or set, and provenance information.

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