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Prints Abound: Paris in the 1890s: From the Collections of Virginia and Ira Jackson and the National Gallery of Art

Phillip Dennis Cate, Gale B. Murray, and Richard Thomson
Published 2000
184 pages

Printmaking exploded with creative energy at the end of the 19th century in France. Artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Édouard Vuillard, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec were at the forefront of the avant-garde movement to reinvigorate the applied arts through color printmaking. Prints Abound probes the phenomenal outpouring of print publications at this time and explores the artistic, technical, economic, and cultural circumstances of 1890s Paris. Among the Nabi artists, whose work predominates, the achievements of Bonnard are stressed. His work is represented in depth with spirited posters, contributions to solo and collective portfolios, designs for music primers and illustrated books, and an outstanding four-panel folding screen of a fashionable street scene in fin-de-siècle Paris. Phillip Dennis Cate provides an extensive overview of the topic, Richard Thomson discusses single-artist print albums, and Gale Murray examines music illustration.

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