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Italian Paintings of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Miklós Boskovits

The Italian paintings collection at the National Gallery of Art is considered the most important in America and among the world’s finest. This catalog offers a fresh, authoritative examination of the earliest paintings, with works by two of the most significant Italian painters in art history: Giotto and Duccio. The Gallery is, in fact, the only institution in the United States to own two separate panels from Duccio’s masterpiece, the Maestà. This superb assemblage of medieval art also includes two rare Byzantine panels, a beautifully preserved portable triptych by Nardo di Cione, and devotional works by Paolo di Giovanni Fei, Agnolo Gaddi, Lippo Memmi, Simone Martini, Andrea di Vanni, and others.

Coming Winter 2016