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Open today: 10:00 to 5:00

Espresso & Gelato Bar

Monday–Saturday, 10:00–4:30
Sunday, 11:00–5:30

East Building

Adjacent to the Cascade Café, the Espresso & Gelato Bar offers 19 flavors of house-made gelato and a selection of fresh sandwiches, salads, and pastries for visitors who want to take a quick break to recharge.

Espresso & Gelato Bar Menu

Hot Beverages

Flat White $3.85 (8oz)
Fresh Brewed Parliament Coffee  $2.00 (12oz) $2.50 (16oz)
Americano $2.75 (8oz) $3.25 (12oz)
Latte $3.25 (8oz) $3.75 (12oz) $4.65 (16oz)
Cappuccino $3.25 (8oz) $3.75 (12oz) $4.65 (16oz)
Mocha $3.50 (8oz) $4.00 (12oz) $4.65 (16oz)
Macchiato $2.50 (8oz) $3.00 (12oz)
Chai Latte  $3.25 (8oz) $3.75 (12oz) $4.65 (16oz)
Assorted Hot and Herbal Tea $2.50 (8oz) $3.00 (12oz) $3.85 (16oz)
Hot Chocolate  $3.00 (8oz) $3.50 (12oz) $4.00 (16oz)
Single-Shot Espresso  $2.85
Double-Shot Espresso  $3.35

Gelato and Ice Cream Sandwiches
6 artisan seasonal flavors of gelato and sorbets

Single Gelato  $4.40
Double Gelato  $5.95
Triple Gelato  $6.50
Ice Cream Sandwich Selection  $6.25

Grab and Go Fiber Juices
delicious juices containing all the important fibers, nutrients, and vitamins

Matisse $5.00
kale, orange, romaine, pineapple  
Constable $5.00
carrot, celery, apple, parsley, flax   
Picasso $5.00
beets, carrot, orange, ginger, serrano   

Assorted Salads

Assorted Sandwiches

Small Side Salads

Assorted Pastries

Artisanal Beverage and Water Assortment
prices vary

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