Attributed to Lucio Marliani, Italian, documented 1538–1607
Child's Armor and Helmet of Philip III, Milan, c. 1585
etched, embossed, gilt, and gold- and silver-damascened steel; brass and fabric
Patrimonio Nacional, Real Armería, Madrid,

The size of the armor indicates that it was made for Philip when he was about seven years old. Its exuberant decoration of masks, grotesques, and military trophies includes an image of the warrior goddess Minerva (in the center of the breastplate), flanked by personifications of Fortitude, standing next to a column, and Prudence, holding a mirror. Other virtues meant to govern the prince's life—Justice and Temperance—are depicted on the backplate. Fame and Victory appear near the top of the breastplate and on the elbow guards.