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The Drawings of Annibale Carracci

About the Catalogue

A fully illustrated catalogue written by the members of the organizing committee presents new scholarly research in the study of Annibale Carracci's drawings.

The catalogue is available for $39.95 in the Gallery Shops.


The Inventive Genius of Annibale Carracci
Diane De Grazia
The Fate of Annibale's Drawings
Catherine Loisel Legrand
Annibale Carracci: Chronology and Documents
Stacey Sell
Annibale Carracci's Beginnings in Bologna:
Between Nature and History
Daniele Benati
Catalogue Nos. 1-26
Annibale in the Farnese Palace: A Classical Education
Gail Feigenbaum
Catalogue Nos. 27-61
Annibale's Rome: Art and Life in the Eternal City
Kate Ganz
Catalogue Nos. 62-95